Xenecore Technology

Since 2010 all Donnay frames have been developed with “solid-core” technology, which consists of several solid cores within the entire frame, which thus make the frame more responsive – powerful and stable.


Solid-core consists of a patented ultra-light and high-strength material called “Xenecore“. The latter is used in the form of powder so as not to add any significant weight to the frame. The filling is used throughout the frame.


Stability and Control: the solid-core configuration expands the weak point and resists twisting on off-center hits;

Power: the solid-core construction allows the frame to return more quickly on impact with the ball and catapult the ball more deeply and with more speed into the opponent’s field.

Comfort: the use of cores inside the frame gives maximum comfort and low rigidity to the tool. In addition, cores have a function of absorbing vibrations and impact shocks.


An ultra-light Xenecore microcapsule bed is injected into the frame before being cooked.

When it reaches cooking temperature, the microcapsules expand and rise to completely fill the frame, similar to baking cookies in an oven.

It is a more expensive process but the results are more power, control, stabilityand comfort.

From "Single Core" to "Hexa Core"

From 2010 to today we have developed and improved solid core technology, moving from a single core to penta core in 2016/2017 and since the end of 2018 we have produced the new hexa core frames.

Donnay is the only manufacturer that develops its frames entirely with “solid-core” technology. It also does not share its solid-core patent and Xenecore technology with competitors. So they would be forced to fill the frames with a traditional substance like polyurethane which is heavy and adds significant weight.

Arm Protection

A very important aspect of the “solid-core” is the “Arm Protection” function.

In fact, the “solid-core” acts as a super shock absorber eliminating the shocks and vibrations that develop hitting the ball, thus protecting the Shoulder – Elbow – Forearm – Wrist.

The improvement and the insertion of more cores into the new chassis has further strengthened the concept of “Arm Protection” making Donnay the first choice for players who have arm problems and above all to prevent any related problems to the frame.

Single Core

Single Core (X-Series): We started with a single core like the old wooden rackets that were solid but weighed almost 14 ounces. The trick was to inject a single core of Xenecore over the entire frame, matching the light weights of conventional conventional rackets that players today require - between 9 and 11.5 ounces stretched. We have thus obtained a more comfortable frame on the market.

Dual Core and Tri Core

Dual Core + Tri Core (X-Dual and Tri-Core): A second core has been added in the X-Dual series to improve and performance and a third core has been implanted in the Tri-Core models for take comfort and to the next level.

Quad Core

Quad Core: a fourth core has been added exclusively for performance. With the extra core on each side of the frame, the racquet offered more stability, more precision and more unprecedented control. The inclusion of the fourth core has increased the ball exit speed from the frame and its stability by 8%.

Penta Core

Penta Core : performance and comfort to levels never reached. Xenecore Pentacore rackets are softer and with greater power. Although they are more flexible for control, the return coefficient is extremely high and delivers unprecedented power. A separate Fifth Core is present throughout the head and this translates into an increase in the sweetspot. The latter was inserted as a single core closed around the quad-core frame, as the first line to reduce the transmission of vibrations and impact shocks. With Pentacore we have a 66% reduction in force transmitted to the arm compared to empty frames.

Hexa Core

The addition of the Sixth Core made the performance and comfort of the previous model even more stable. The additional Core has significantly improved the thrust while maintaining a very low rigidity, in this way we can have the pleasure of impact of a soft frame and the thrust of a more rigid frame. Another improved aspect lies in the stability of the entire frame in the impact phase. Finally, the vibrations have been further reduced compared to the PentaCore.

Tri Core
Hexa Core
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