The birth

The company was founded in 1910 by Emile Donnay (1885-1972) as a wooden tool manufacturing cooperative with six employees. Emile had little education and a modest past.

The company began to diversify into other wooden products, including an archer arch, which continues to be reflected in Donnay’s arch-shaped logo.

In 1924 Donnay built the premises in Couvin.

The company manufactured its first tennis rackets in 1934.

In the early 1950s, the company won a valuable contract to produce tennis rackets for Wilson.

In 1969 Donnay became the world’s largest producer of tennis rackets.

In the early 1970s, Donnay produced 2 million rackets per year, 1.3 million of which were shipped to Wilson for distribution.

In 1973, when Wilson moved his tennis racket production to Taiwan, production began to suffer.

In 1980he began to produce a minimum quantity of graphite poles.

In 1981Donnay produced 1.8 million rackets, almost all made of wood, gradually leaving the racket market.

In 1992he produced graphite frames including the model used by Andre Agassi to win Wimbledon in the same year. However in the short he disappeared again.

In 2010, the Donnay brand was revived by two American brothers who grew up in New York, idolizing Borg, combining the heritage-rich past with the revolutionary technology called “Xenecore”.

Jerryand Bobby Choe relaunched Donnay in the same 2010, using former Grand Slam champion Jim Courier to give the company a new and recognizable face.

Donnayquickly became recognized as the anecdotal brand of injuries to the wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder, largely caused by empty rackets that cause a lot of vibration and shock to the wrist and arm.

A study conducted by OrthoKinetic Technologies has shown that Donnay solid-core racket frames reduced impact forces and damped vibrations by 35-50% more than empty rackets.

Xenecoreis now the owner of the Donnay brand, producing frames with the latest generation technologies and with a special proprietary patent.

The champions who used Donnay

Initially, Donnay sponsored Belgian tennis players and, due to the amateur nature of the sport at that time, he was only allowed to supply rackets and balls, and a small fee. His first foreign sponsorship was with French tennis player Yvon Petra.

Rod Laver

For 6 years he was Number 1 in the world (1964 – 1970.) He won 200 titles in single, thus entering the history of tennis.

Margaret Court

Cliff Drysdale

Björn Borg

Nicknamed the Ice Man. He won 62 titles using Donnay AllWood. He dominated in an era where John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, Rod Laver were present. Borg is considered one of the strongest tennis players in history.

Andre Agassi

He played with the Donnay brand between 1989 and 1992. He won the Golden Slam using the Donnay WST Pro.

Greg Rusedski

Jim Courier

James Blake

Mats Wilander

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